Some former lab members, left to right: (front): Xiahong Deng, Allison Coffin, Diane Mille, Michele Halvorsen, David Zeddies;
(rear) Jin LIang, Lale Evsen, Michaela Meyer, Arthur Popper, Lidia Wysocki, Michael Smith

Dr. Arthur N. Popper -

Emeritus Professor and Research Professor, Department of Biology
Co-Director, Terrapin Teachers
Emeritus Co-Director, Center for Comparative and Evolutionary Biology of Hearing

Past Postdocs, Students and Research Associates


Dr. Brandon Casper (Continental Shelf Associates)
Dr. Michele Halvorsen (U.S. Navy, Newport, RI)
Dr. Dennis Higgs (University of Windsor)
Dr. Antoni Lombarte (Institut de Ciències del Mar)
Dr. Zhongmin Lu (University of Miami)
Dr. David Mann (Loggerhead Instruments)
Dr. Dennis Plachta (University of Freiburg)
Dr. Christopher Platt (NIH)
Dr. Kirsten Poling (University of Windsor)
Dr. Joelle Presson (University of Maryland)
Dr. William Saidel (Rutgers University)
Dr. Michael Smith (Michael Smith)
Dr. Jiakun Song
Dr. Lidia Wysocki (University of Vienna)
Dr. Hong Y. Yan (
Marine Research Station Jiashi, I-Lan, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Dr. David Zeddies (JASCO Research)

Graduate students

Dr. Allison Coffin  (Washington State University, Vancouver)
Dr. Xiaohong Deng (NIH)  Structure of the Ear in Deep Sea Fishes

Dr. Lale Evsen (NIH)
Dr. Jin Liang, (Stanford University)
Dr. John Ramcharitar  (St, Mary's College, MD))
Heather Wilkins (Assumption College, MA)
Dr. Peggy Edds-Walton (Loyola University of Chicago, MBL)

Dr. Michaela Meyer (Harvard University) - Hearing in Primitive Fish
Diane Miller (Tufts Medical School)

Past Undergraduate Students

Bradley Buran, B.A. & B.S.
Payal Razdan, B.S.

We are grateful to our former lab manager, Ms. Audrey Rollo, for the design of our lab  logo


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