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David M. Mosser


Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Telephone: (301) 314-2594 - office
(301) 314-2781 - lab
Fax:  (301) 314-9489

Research Interests: Innate and Adaptive Immunity to Microbial Pathogens.

Mosser Lab Homepage

The Maryland Pathogen Research Institute (MPRI)

The plasticity of macrophages allows them to change their physiology in responses to changes in their microenvironment.  Our laboratory is interested in exploiting the plasticity of these remarkable cells to i) enhance immunity, ii) prevent autoimmunity, or iii) promote wound healing and tissue regeneration.  We employ a variety of experimental approaches in Immunology and Cell Biology to understand the molecular mechanisms by which macrophages can change their physiology and mediate these divergent processes.

Studies on host defense to infectious diseases focus on: I) the cell and molecular biology of macrophage infection by intracellular pathogens. II) The molecules produced by macrophages that mediate the killing of intracellular pathogens. III) An analysis of monocyte or macrophage subsets during inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Studies relating to the host inflammatory response focus on: I) the regulation of cytokine gene expression in macrophages and dendritic cells. II) receptor-mediated modulation of cytokine production. III) the development of novel anti-inflammatory therapeutics to treat autoimmune diseases.

Recent Publications

Zhang, X. and Mosser, D.M.  2008.  Macrophage activation by endogenous danger signals.  J. Pathol. 214:161-78.

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Cates, E.A., Connor, E.E., Mosser, D.M. and Bannerman, D.D. 2009.  Functional characterization of bovine TIRAP and MyD88 in mediating bacterial lipopolysaccharide-induced endothelial NF-kB activation and apoptosis. Comp. Immunol. Microbiol. Infect. Dis. 32:477-90.

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Mosser, D.M. and Zhang, X.  2011. Measuring opsonic phagocytosis via Fcγ receptors and complement receptors on macrophages.  Curr. Protoc. Immunol. XChapter 14, Unit 14.27

Previous Graduate Students (year of Ph.D. and present position)

Mary K. Hondalus, 1995, Associate Professor (tenured), University of Georgia

Dona C. Love, 1996, Staff Scientist, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Andrew Brittingham, 1998, Associate Professor (tenured), Des Moines University, School of Osteopathic Medicine, Des Moines, IA

Fayyaz Sutterwala (MD/PhD student), 1999, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Medical School. Iowa City, IA

Margaret Mentink Kane, 2001, Staff Scientist, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Gang Chen, 2001, Group Leader, Astra Zenica, Wilmington, DE

Patricia A. Darrah, 2001, Staff Scientist, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Jeffrey Gerber (MD/PhD student), 2001, Assistant Professor, Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Charles F. Anderson, 2002, Staff Scientist, Sanaria, Rockville, MD

Suzanne A. Miles, 2005, Site Manager, Lancaster Laboratories, West Point, PA

Sean Conrad, 2006, Law offices of K & L Gates, Pittsburgh, PA

Anne E. Field, 2007, Project Manager, MedImmune, Rockville, MD.

Justin P. Edwards, 2008, Postdoctoral fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Ziyan Yang, 2009, Physician, Dept Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shandong University, China

Previous Undergraduate Students

Paul Gallo, Temple University Medical School, MD/PhD Program

Sagie Wagage, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Student

Vic Prasanna, Pittsburgh University Medical School, Resident

Eric Stickles, Temple University Medical School, Resident

Current lab members

Ricardo Gonclaves, Postdoctoral fellow
Bryan Fleming, Graduate Student
Rahul Suresh, Graduate Student

Heather Cohen, Graduate student
Amanda Ward,
Undergraduate Student
Ramsey Bekdash, Undergraduate Student



UMD :: 1109 Microbiology Bldg. College Park, MD 20742.
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