Interesting Animal Behavior Videos

Lecture Video Description
Genetics of behavior Rusty the narcoleptic dog
Genetics of behavior Myotonic (fainting) goats
Social learning Killer whales teaching wave hunting
Social learning White-faced capuchin opening trash can
Migration Killer whales killing grey whale calf
Optimal foraging Eider diving for mussels
Group living - predator defense Buffalo cooperate to repel lions
Communication Oilbirds in a Peruvian cave giving echolocation calls
Play behavior Dolphin creating and playing with bubble rings
Recognition Reed warbler feeding yellow-billed cuckoo chick
Manipulation Parasitoid wasp larvae manipulate caterpillar behavior
Manipulation Fungus influences ant behavior and ant counter measures
Courtship Lyrebird mimicry and display
Courtship Spatulate-tail hummingbird hover display
Courtship Two long-tailed manakin males singing and dancing together   "Toledo" calls
Lekking Topi males deal with pushy females
Lekking Turkey brothers defending females
Alternative male mating strategies Three-way genetic polymorphism in ruffs - "faeder female-mimic"
Prisoner's Dilemma Interview with Richard Dawkins from 1986

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