Late anaphase, early telophase and cell plate vesicle aggregation in a stamen hair cell of Tradescantia virginana. Late in anaphase (1-2), the chromosomes continue to separate, and as they reach the spindle pole regions, a clear area appears where the metaphase plate had once existed. Though not visible with differential interference contrast microscopy, a basket-shaped bipolar array of microtubules, known as the phragmoplast,forms in the cortical cytoplasm. Rapidly, vesicles begin to aggregate in the spindle midzone (3), near the zone of phragmoplast microtubule overlap and appear as a punctate, wavy line in the central portion of the cell. As more vesicles accumulate in this region of the cell, the line thickens, and becomes straighter (4). The chromosomal masses coalesce at sites central for the incipient daughter cells.Take me back.