Understanding the interaction between inbreeding and phenotypic plasticity: Mimulus guttatus as a model system for studying establishment and persistence of invasive species

Michele Dudash (PI) and Courtney Murren (Post-Doc) in the field in Feb. 2003


Field site and Field Experiment 2003 understanding effects of seed source ecological genetics on establishment success at McLaughlin Reserve, Napa/Lake Counties CA

                                                        Guenoc Population in Full Flower in May, 2002                                                        

Guenoc Population in Fruit in June, 2002

Land Trust

                                                                                                                                            Land Trust of Napa County Property (Home site of one set of inbred lines)

Greenhouse Fun!

greenhousecynthi in gh

Cynthia's Honors thesis project (Funded by Howard  Hughes) in collaboration with Michele and Courtney. Examining relationships between floral traits and sexual reproductive output of native and non-native populations while examining plasticity across a water gradient. Examination of inbreeding depression and plasticity of morphological and life history traits to Light and Water.

 field2004Michele showing Courtney that there are lots of happy plants alive in our field plotbodega
 Michele and Courtney's future field site at Bodega Bay to examine inbreeding depression in annual and perennial Mimulus guttatus