Animal Movement Visualizer ver 1.3.2

A Java based ecological informatic utility to display animal coordinate data in relative time. Parses coordinate data in sorted-excel format (see README), displaying paths in 3D using NASA's World Wind SDK for analysis.

NASA World Wind page link

System Requirements:

Virtual Machine: Java, JRE 6+
Operating Systems: Windows (32/64 bit) and Mac OS

Download Link .zip (Windows 32bit)
Download Link .zip (Windows 64bit)
Download Link .zip (Mac OS)

Project conceptualized under the discretion of Dr. Thomas Mueller and Dr. William Fagan.
Software designed and engineered by Devtulya Kavathekar, undergraduate student, University of Maryland College Park.
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0743557
Funding was also provided by NSF grant DBI-1062411.


R packages for the analysis of animal movement

1) animalmove (aka SyncMove). Tools for quantifying inter-individual coordination in animal movement datasets. This includes a tools required for a several manipulations of telemetry datasets that must be completed prior to quantifying coordination. The function reads directly the output from movebank. The second function uses the subsample to calculate the old movement coordination index as specified in the GEB paper. We also included a subsample of Mongolian Gazelle movement data so users can see how the packages work. The same subsample of the gazelle data set was used for the Animal Movement Visualizer (AMV ) software. See Mueller et al. 2012. Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Link to attached file Anmv_0.1-0.tar.gz

2) This is a public beta of the ctmm package. At the moment, this package has most everything you need to estimate the home ranges of range resident animals: from variograms, to maxmimum likelihood, to autocorrelated kernel density estimation. We are looking for feedback relating to ease of use, clarity of documentation, and bugs. There may be significant changes to this package before we submit it to CRAN, 2nd-3rd quarter 2015.

Link to the package file "ctmm_0.2.0.tar.gz"

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