The Haag Lab

Summer 2021 (L-R):

Eric Haag, Kristin Kelly, Aidan McLoughlin, John Ficklin, Justin Van Goor, Lauren Skelly, Moghadase Hosseini, Kavisha Silva, Anthonia Ogunlade

(not shows: Emily Parent, Shannon Swift)





Current Members:

Graduate Students:

John Ficklin (BISI-BEES)

Lauren Skelly (BISI-BEES)


Aidan McLoughlin

Emily Parent

Kavisha Silva

Moghadase Hosseini

Anthonia Ogunlade

Shannon Swift

Postdoctoral Researcher:

Justin Van Goor


Lab Alumni

Da Yin (Ph.D 2019), currently Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics at AstraZeneca, Rockville, MD

Emily Gerard (B.S. 2019), now in MD program at Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore

Brianna Pierce (B.S. 2018)

Lena Boyer (B.S. 2018)

Troy Anlage B.S. 2018, now in MD program at Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Shuang Hu (postdoc, 2015-2017)

Ivy Obonyo, B.S. 2016, next pursued M.S. in physiology at Georgetown Univ.

Danielpraise Mowoh, B.S. 2016, went to Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN

Dania Shafei, B.S. 2015, left to pursue post-baccalaureated research at NIH

Erin Jones, B.S. 2013, trained to be a secondary science teacher.

Becca Matteson, B.S. 2013, began medical school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in Fall, 2014

Gavin Woodruff, Ph.D 2013, after a postdoc with Natsumi Kanzaki in Tsukuba, Japan. is now in the lab of Patrick Phillips at the Univ. of Oregon.

Qinwen Liu, Ph.D 2012, moved to an NRSA-funded postdoc in Joe Thornton's lab at the University of Chicago.

Joe Ross, post-doctoral fellow (2008-2012), currently associate professor of biology at the California State University at Fresno.

Tong Lu, B.S. 2012, currently in a doctoral program at Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey

Cristel Thomas, Ph.D 2011, after a posdoc in Asher Cutter's lab at the University of Toronto, moved to ImmPort staff.

Zebib Abraham, B.S. 2011

Alana Beadell (nee Doty), Ph.D 2010, currently an NRSA-funded postdoc in Robert Ho's lab at the University of Chicago.

Dorothy Johnson, B.S. 2010, HHMI undergraduate research fellow, earned a doctorate with Deborah Andrew at Johns Hopkins University.

Onyinyechi Eke, B.S. 2010, NIH undergraduate research fellow, currently in medical school at Johns Hopkins University

Shanni Silberberg, B.S. 2008, HHMI undergraduate research fellow, now in John Rubenstein's lab at UCSF.

Robin Cook Hill, Ph.D. 2008, formerly faculty at the University of Virginia College at Wise, now Sr. Project Administrator with Beckman-Coulter.

Mandy Bush, B.S. 2008, now research technician in Brenton McCright's group at the FDA's Division of Cellular and Gene Therapies.

Andy  Cheng, B.S. 2007, obtained a D.O. degree at the Southern California College of Optometry.

Brian Freed, B.S. 2007

Chris O'Hare, B.S. 2006, left the lab to toil in voluntary serfdom on a Japanese cabbage farm.

John Salogiannis, B.S. 2005, HHMI undergraduate research fellow, formerly a technician in the Schwarz Lab, he obtained a Ph.D student in  Michael Greenberg's Lab, both at Harvard Medical School

Danielle Kelleher  M.S, 2005

Marnie Layton, B.S. 2004, HHMI undergraduate research fellow, earned a  Master of  public health at the Univ. of Michigan

Amanda Ackerman, B.S. 2004,  HHMI undergraduate research fellow, obtained a Master's in Public Health at UC-Berkeley

Visiting Researchers 

Benjamin Schlager (summer, 2003) Univ. of Vienna, Austria,  He got his doctorate in the Sommer Lab at the MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany.
Courtney  Hoshibata (summer, 2004)  Post-M.S., earned at Ph.D  in the Halpern Lab at Johns Hopkins University.
Emily DuFour (summer, 2004)  B.A./B.S. Oberlin College 
Jimetra Watson (summer, 2004) Prairie View A&M Univ.
Awharitefe Urhuogo (summer, 2005 Georgia State Univ.
Te-Wen Lo (fall, 2007) visiting postdoc from B. Meyer's Lab at UC-Berkeley.
John Welsh (summer, 2008) visiting undergraduate from St. John's College
Annie Alvarez (Fall, 2009) B.S. Univ. of N. Carolina, went on to graduate study at American Univ.
Karen Hernandez (2014) visiting undergraduate from Trinity Washington Univ.
Holly Riley, visiting NSF-supported science teacher, William Wirt Middle School
Heather Ortega, visiting NSF-supported research assistant, Teach for America bology teacher Northwestern High School

Eric Surette and Lauren Ryan (2015), visiting NSF-supported undergraduates from Ithaca College olly Riley, visiting NSF-supported science teacher, William Wirt Middle School
Jacqueline Alexander and Leah Larsen (2016), visiting NSF-supported
undergraduates from Ithaca College


palace signCristel's parting gift to the lab--thanks!

Lab is in 0245 Biology/Psychology Building, UMCP        Lab Phone:  (301) 405-8625     

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