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Machado Lab People

Carlos A. Machado , Professor

PhD Students

Javier Carpinteyro
: studies the genomics of species divergence in Drosophila.

Ronald Clark: studies the evolution of sORFs in Drosophila.

Zexuan Zhao: studies evolutionary genomics of the fig-fig wasp mutualism


Kevin Quinteros
: NSF postdoctoral fellow. Kevin studies evolutionary genomics of fig wasps with a focus on the evolution of chemosensory genes   


Prakhya Chikkem



Lab Manager:

Suwei Zhao

Lab Alumni


Kawther Abdilleh: PhD Student (UMD, 2014) Postoctoral Fellow, School of Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Carlos Flores: PhD Student (UMD, 2013) Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC), Ensenada, Mexico.

Kevin Nyberg: PhD Student and postdoc (UMD, 2015).


Kevin Nyberg: Now a postdoc at Northwestern University

Dean Croshaw: PERT postdoc (UA). Now an Assistant Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Zi-feng Jiang:
Postdoc (UMD). Now a postdoc at the University of Chicago.

Wendy Marussich: PERT postdoc (UA).

Anna Himler: PERT postdoc (UA).

Undergraduates and Visiting Graduate Students:

Elise Ahn:  General Biology major (UMD).

Kacie Baker: General Biology major (UMD) 

Sarah Cavanaugh:
General Biology major and UBRP student (UA).

Mikhail Chavis:
Molecular Biology major (UMD). Graduate Program in Biology at Villanova University.

Katy Davis
: MCB major (UA).

Abby DiVito: EEB major (UMD). PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dalziel Dominguez: EEB major (UA).

Victoria Duckworth:
EEB major (UA).

Henry Ertl: General Biology major (UMD). PhD student at the University of Michigan.

Erica Hudson
: EEB major (UA).
PhD in Ocean Sciences at the University of South Florida.

Yiressy Izaguirre: General Biology major (UMD).

Kristen Jacobs
: MCB major (UA).

July Kelley
: MCB major and UBRP student (UA).

Erin Kuroiwa: Physiology major (UA).

Erik Mohlhenrich:
General Biology major (UMD). Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Colorado State University.

Laura Rascon:
lab technician (UMD). Masters program in Environmental and Occupational Exposure Sciences at the University of Washington.

Levi Teitz
: General Biology major (UMD). PhD student at M.I.T.

Enwei Tian: Visiting PhD Student from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou (2012-2013).

Whitman Schofield: lab technician (UA).
PhD in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University.

Li-Yuan Yang:
Visiting PhD Student from Beijing Normal University (2012).

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