We are a group of scientists interested in using the nematode C. elegans to understand biology.

Participating Labs:

Anna Allen, Orna Cohen-Fix, Ann Corsi, Harb Dhillon, David Eisenmann, Andy Golden, Andrew Gordus, Eric Haag, Iqbal Hamza, John Hanover Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert, Antony Jose, Byung-Eun Kim, John Kim, Yumi Kim, Michael Krause, Katherine McJunkin, Mervyn Monteiro, Kevin O'Connell, Damien O'Halloran, Eyleen O'Rourke, Geraldine Seydoux, Diane Shakes, Hari Shroff, Harold Smith, Jessica Tanis, Bruce Vogel, Jiou Wang.

Where we meet:

We meet, met, will meet someday soon? at BS004 in the Biological Sciences Building at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


Upcoming Meetings: All meetings begin at 9.00 am on zoom with food provided by the audience for themselves, for now. Speakers typically do not eat while speaking.


Jan 21st: Madeline Cassani (Seydoux Lab, JHU) & Ashley Frakes (Frakes lab, NIDDK)

Feb. 4th: Amanda Ray (Gordus lab, JHU) & Richa Maheshwari (Cohen-Fix lab, NIDDK)

Feb 18th: Justin Van Goor (Haag lab, U. of Maryland) & Bridget Donnelly (McJunkin lab, NIDDK)

March 4th: Xiaofei Bai (Golden lab, NIDDK) & Bing Yang (McJunkin lab, NIDDK)

March 18th: Christine Rourke (Jaramillo-Lambert lab, U. of Delaware) & Joshua Blundon (Yumi Kim lab, JHU)

April 1st: Daphne Knudsen (Jose lab, U. of Maryland) & Jason Pfister (O’Connell lab, NIDDK)

April 15th: Sijung Yun (Genomics Core, NIDDK) & Mary Chey (Jose lab, U. of Maryland)

April 29th: Lauren Ryan (Haag lab, U. of Maryland) & Jim Mullin (Gordus lab, JHU)

May 13th: Kasuen Kotagama (McJunkin lab, NIDDK) & Malek Elsayyid (Tanis lab, U. of Delaware)

May 27th: Memorial Day break: NO BWC

June 10th: Michael Gruss (Corsi lab, CUA) & Acadia Grimme (McJunkin lab, NIDDK)

June 24th: Prabhu Sankaralingam (O’Connell lab, NIDDK) & Ariel Parker (Gordus lab, JHU)

July 8th: Sohini Dutt (Hamza Lab, U. of Maryland) & Dan Konzman (Hanover lab, NIDDK)

July 22nd: Nirajan Bhandari (Jaramillo-Lambert lab, U. of Delaware) & Diane Shakes (Shakes lab, College of William and Mary)

Aug 5th: Alyshia Scholl (Seydoux Lab, JHU) & Aleks Bykov (Cochella lab, JHU)

Aug 19th: Peter Kropp (Golden lab, NIDDK) & Samiha Tasnim (Jose lab, U. of Maryland)

Sept 2nd: Labor Day break: NO BWC

Sept 16th: Karl Vieux (McJunkin lab, NIDDK) & Laura Thomas (Seydoux Lab, JHU)

Sept 30th: Rebekka Paisner (Gordus lab, JHU) & Ariel Gold (Yumi Kim lab, JHU)

Oct 14th: Basma Taleb (Seydoux Lab, JHU) & Kent Kwah (Jaramillo-Lambert lab, U. of Delaware)

Oct. 28th: Will Simmons (Seydoux Lab, JHU) & Benedict Quagraine (Allen lab, Howard U.)

Nov 11th: Brennan Danlasky (Seydoux Lab, JHU) & Aishwarya Sathya (Jose lab, U. of Maryland)

Nov 25th: Thanksgiving Break: NO BWC

Dec 9th: Mohammad Rahman (Cohen-Fix lab, NIDDK) & Emilio Santillan (Cochella lab, JHU)


Past Meetings

Postdoc Positions Available!

Announcements (By Andy Golden)

Celebrating Antony's tenure with dinner at Carolina Kitchen. [clockwise from left]: Mike Krause, Matthew Buechner, David Eisenmann, Antony Jose, Geraldine Seydoux, Eric Haag, Bruce Vogel, Iqbal Hamza, Orna Cohen-Fix, Kevin O'Connell, Ann Corsi, Andy Golden, Anna Allen, Katherine McJunkin.

Geraldine Seydoux elected to the National Academy

Celebrating Geraldine's election to NAS with dinner at Ranazul. [clockwise from left]: Anna Allen, Eric Haag, Kevin O'Connell, Orna Cohen-Fix, Iqbal Hamza, Andy Golden, Bruce Vogel, Antony Jose, John Hanover, Harold Smith, Mike Krause, Geraldine Seydoux, Matthew Buechner. The night featured Guitar playing by Eric and an amazing rendition of Ella Fitzgerald's Summertime by Harold.

...@ Kevin O'Connell's hand-made bar

Hari Shroff wins award from President Obama for his work towards "Google Worm"!

Offer on WormLab software for tracking worms!

Worm story from Haag lab in New York Times!