We are a group of scientists interested in using the nematode C. elegans to understand biology.

Participating Labs:

Anna Allen, Erik Andersen, Jill Bettinger, Luisa Cochella, Orna Cohen-Fix, Ann Corsi, Andrew Davies, David Eisenmann, Ashley Frakes, Amanda Gibson, Andrew Gordus, Eric Haag, Iqbal Hamza, John Hanover, Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert, Casonya Johnson, Antony Jose, Katja Kasimatis, Byung-Eun Kim, John Kim, Yumi Kim, Michael Krause, Laura Mathies, Katherine McJunkin, Kevin O'Connell, Damien O'Halloran, Eyleen O'Rourke, Ariel Pani, Jennifer Powell, Geraldine Seydoux, Diane Shakes, Hari Shroff, Harold Smith, Jessica Tanis, Bruce Vogel, and Jiou Wang.

Where we meet:

We meet at BS004 in the Biological Sciences Building at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County or online over Zoom.


Upcoming Meetings: All meetings begin at 9.00 am. 

Over zoom [VIRTUAL below] or In-person with food provided by speakers 

[Updates/Changes to be announced by Katie McJunkin].


1/5/2024 in person Daphne Knudsen (Jose lab), Erik Andersen (Andersen lab)

1/19/2024 virtual Karl-Frederic Vieux (McJunkin lab), empty spot

2/2/2024 in person Laura Thomas (Seydoux lab), Xuedi Zhang (Hamza lab)

2/16/2024 virtual Bing Yang (McJunkin lab), Amanda Shaver (Andersen lab)

3/1/2024 in person Amanda Ray (Gordus lab), Lars Benner (John Kim lab)

3/15/2024 in person Victoria Lowers (Jose lab), Dahlia Deng (Yumi Kim lab)

3/29/2024 virtual Mecca Baker (Johnson lab), Alexis Semmel (Tanis lab)

4/12/2024 in person Carrie Sheeler (Frakes lab), Basma Taleb (Seydoux lab)

4/26/2024 virtual Jillian Manning and Asher Rothstein (Haag lab), JB Collins (Andersen lab)

5/10/2024 Mid-Atlantic SDB meeting

5/24/2024 Memorial Day

6/7/2024 in person Carolyn Remsburg (Jaramillo-Lambert lab), Victoria Murphy (John Kim lab)[Room BS120]

6/21/2024 virtual Sandeepan Ghosh (Hamza lab), Devavrat Bodas (Seydoux lab)

7/5/2024 in person Ailin Zhou (Yumi Kim lab), Benedict Quagraine (Allen lab) [Room BS120]

7/19/2024 virtual Avery Sukienik (O'Rourke lab), Justin M Van Goor (Haag lab)

8/2/2024 virtual Nic Moya (Andersen lab), Rima Sakhawala (McJunkin lab)

8/16/2024 virtual Mohammad Rahman (Cohen-Fix lab), Kevin Hackbarth (Haag lab)

8/30/2024 virtual Fu (Ben) Dong (Jose lab), Ran Yu (Hamza lab)

9/13/2024 in person Areebah Rahman (Frakes lab), Jason Pfister (O'Connell lab)

9/27/2024 virtual Shannon Pfeiffer (Jaramillo-Lambert lab), Lo-Yu Chang (Cochella lab)

10/11/2024 in person Asan Turdiev (Haag lab), Jonathan Soldemyr (Hamza lab)

10/25/2024 virtual Yumiko Oshima (Vogel lab), Jim Mullins (Gordus lab)

11/8/2024 in person Eric Cormack (Cochella lab), Anna Hakes (Seydoux lab)

11/22/2024 virtual Diane Shakes (Shakes lab), Brenda Cesar (Yumi Kim lab)

12/6/2024 in person Amelia Alessi (John Kim lab), Ryan McKeown (Andersen lab)

12/20/2024 no worm club


Past Meetings

Postdoc Positions Available!

Announcements (By Katie McJunkin)

Celebrating Antony's tenure with dinner at Carolina Kitchen. [clockwise from left]: Mike Krause, Matthew Buechner, David Eisenmann, Antony Jose, Geraldine Seydoux, Eric Haag, Bruce Vogel, Iqbal Hamza, Orna Cohen-Fix, Kevin O'Connell, Ann Corsi, Andy Golden, Anna Allen, Katherine McJunkin.

Geraldine Seydoux elected to the National Academy

Celebrating Geraldine's election to NAS with dinner at Ranazul. [clockwise from left]: Anna Allen, Eric Haag, Kevin O'Connell, Orna Cohen-Fix, Iqbal Hamza, Andy Golden, Bruce Vogel, Antony Jose, John Hanover, Harold Smith, Mike Krause, Geraldine Seydoux, Matthew Buechner. The night featured Guitar playing by Eric and an amazing rendition of Ella Fitzgerald's Summertime by Harold.

...@ Kevin O'Connell's hand-made bar

@ Geraldine Seydoux's backyard for Memorial Day

...@ Kevin O'Connell's bar again celebrating the start of 2024

...@ Ann Corsi's place celebrating start, middle, peak Summer 2024

Hari Shroff wins award from President Obama for his work towards "Google Worm"!

Offer on WormLab software for tracking worms!

Worm story from Haag lab in New York Times!