CBMG688I enrollment is limited to 30 students, and a basic understanding of genetics is an essential pre-requisite. The BISI graduate office is empowered to grant permission. All BISI students get permission automatically. I (Steve Mount, the instructor for this course) want to make decisions for students in other Ph.D. programs personally on an individual basis (I want to talk to you; final permission is still given by the graduate office with my OK).

Prerequisites: everyone must have had a course in genetics (BSCI 222 or equivalent). Masters students (any student no in a Ph.D. program) should have had an additional upper level course in molecular biology. Undergraduates, or students with an undergraduate degree from College Park, should have taken BSCI410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 415 or 416. If you have not taken one of those courses, it is recommended that you take BSCI410 instead of, or before, CBMG688I.

Summary by type of student:

Ph.D. students in BISI

  • Permission is automatic and can be granted any time by the graduate office.
  • Nevertheless, having had a course in genetics, BSCI 222 or equivalent, is an important prerequisite. 
  • Ph.D. students in other programs

  • A course in genetics, BSCI 222 or equivalent, is a required prerequisite.
  • An additional upper level course in molecular biology is expected (in the case of students with a College Park degree, this means a course from BSCI410 thru 416). Students who have not taken a second undergraduate course in genetics are strongly encouraged to take BSCI410 first. 
  • Permission can be granted after an interview (or by email).
  • All other students

  • An advanced course in genetics, BSCI410 or equivalent, is a required prerequisite. 
  • Permission will be granted only after an interview.

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