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BSCI 124 Lecture Notes

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Low montane rain forest edge, Cerro Pierre, Panama (above)
Montane rain forest, Panama (below, right)

XV. Tropics

XVa. Subcommunities of Lowland Tropical Regions:

Evergreen Seasonal Forests (left) --- Rain Forest, Panama (right)
Mangrove Forest, Nicaragua (below right)

Tropical Savanna, Nicaragua

XVb. Subcommunities of Montane Tropical Regions:

Summary of biomes
Other sites of interest
Biomes of the world: Excellent summary
Biomes: Summary with excellent links
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Extended Lecture Outline notes on biomes: A good review
Critical ecoregions from the Sierra Club
Land Use History of North America: A major review, see in particular the report on the land-use history of the Baltimore-Washington area by Timothy Foresman and his diagram on urbanization from 1792 until 1992
Glossary of ecological terms
The Polar Regions
Alaska Ecoregions
Review of temperate forests
Temperate Forest Factsheet: From World Wildlife Fund
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Review of ecosystems
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Rainforest database from Living Earth. Many of the articles are valuable sources of information
Tall Grass Prairie of Illinois
Prairie Restoration Links
Facts and statistics on biodiversity
"Effects of climate change on biological diversity in western North America: Losses and Mechanisms" by D.D. Murphy & S.B. Weiss (1992): Technical but most informative
Desert Ecosystems Resource Page Archeology of the Great Basin by Tad Beckman
Rainforest Action Network
An ethnobotanical study of the plants of eastern Peru by Ethan Russo
Rainforests, both temperate and tropical
Rainforest: A photo-essay by Natsuko Utsumi
Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research: Dr. James A. Duke offers numerous workshops at ACEER on medicinal plants.
Conservation and Planetary Survival: An essay
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

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