BSCI 124
Plant Biology for Non-science Majors


Welcome to Biosciences 124, a three-credit course in plant biology specifically designed for the non-science student. The goals and objects of the course are:

  1. To gain a basic understanding of the processes through which plants function;
  2. To develop concepts concerning the factors leading to the great diversity among plants and the need to maintain this diversity;
  3. To understand the complex role of plants in the environment and in our society in order to make informed decisions

The course has CORE approval in the science/math area ONLY as a lab science when taken in conjunction with BSCI 125 (Laboratory in Plant Biology, 1 credit hour).

Dr. David Straney
Dr. Edgar Moctezuma
Lecture Times:
TTh 11:00-12:15
 TTh 9:30-10:45
Lecture Sections:
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Lecture Topics:
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Unit I  How Plants Function:
Intoduction to Science- What is Life?
Introduction to plants
The Cell
Plant Anatomy and Physiology
Photosynthesis and Energy
Respiration and Carbon Cycle
DNA, RNA and Proteins
Cell Division and Mitosis
Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Mendelian Genetics
First Examination Sample QuestionsGlossary of terms

Unit II Diversity of Plant Life :
Plant Systmatics; Darwinian Evolution
Viruses and Prokaryotics
Eukaryotes and Fungi
Out of the Water and Spore Formers
Flowering Plants
Seeds and Fruits
Second Examination Sample Questions

Unit III Human Uses of Flowering Plants :
The Origins of Agriculture and Human Nutrition
The Grasses
Legumes, Starchy Staples
Plant Fibers: Cloth and Paper; Herbs and Spices
Stimulating Beverages
Medicinal Plants
Psychoactive Plants
Poisonous and Allergenic Plants
Third Examination Sample Questions

Unit IV Ecology:
Terrestrial Biomes expanded version
Aquatic Biomes
Biodiversity and Species Extinction
Atmosphere and the Environment
Agriculture and Environment
World Food Problems
Plant Biotechnology

Final Exam Sample Fourth Exam

Index of Slides
Provided by Estelle Levetin & Karen McMahon with their textbookPlants and Society

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