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Subclass Prototheria
      Order Monotremata

Subclass Theria

   Infraclass Metatheria
      Order Didelphidae
      Order Paucituberculata
      Order Microbiotheria
      Order Dasyuromorphia
      Order Peramelemorphia
      Order Diprotodontia
      Order Notoryctemorphia

   Infraclass Theria
      Order Insectivora
      Order Scandentia
      Order Macroscelidea
      Order Dermoptera
      Order Chiroptera
      Order Primates
      Order Xenarthra
      Order Pholidota
      Order Tubulidentata
      Order Carnivora
      Order Cetacea
      Order Rodentia
      Order Lagomorpha
      Order Proboscidea
      Order Hyracoidea
      Order Sirenia
      Order Perissodactyla
      Order Artiodactyla

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