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Neutron Star Merger Directly Observed for the First Time

UMD physicists and astronomers contribute to historic detection of gravitational waves and light created by event. More »

New Molecule Shows Promise in HIV Vaccine Design

Vaccine candidate spurs production of antibodies against the protective sugars of multiple HIV strains. More »

Entomology Ph.D. Student Wins International Thesis Competition

Samuel Ramsey studies a tiny parasitic mite that contributed to the worldwide decline in honey bee health. More »

UMD Neuroscientists Identify Source of Early Brain Activity

Brain cells that support early structural development also transmit sensory information. More »

UMD Scientists Contribute to Federal Climate Science Report

UMD climate model contributed to key finding, and Ross Salawitch served as review editor. More »

Joelle Presson Receives UMD President's Distinguished Service Award

Presson is the college's assistant dean of undergraduate academic programs. More »

Alumnus is Go-To Expert on the Science of Baseball

Alan Nathan (B.S. '68, physics) has helped Major League Baseball teams understand the physics of the game. More »

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