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China’s Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Declined Significantly While India’s Grew Over Last Decade
UMD-led study indicates that India may be the world’s top sulfur dioxide emitter. More »

UMD-NIST Quantum Simulator Sets New Record

Physicists used 53 interacting atomic qubits to mimic magnetic quantum matter. More »

France Appoints Rita Colwell to the Legion of Honor

Colwell honored for collaborations with French universities in the fields of environment, water and global infectious diseases. More »

Ming Lin Named Chair of the Department of Computer Science

An expert in virtual reality, computer graphics and robotics, Lin joins UMD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. More »

High-altitude Observatory Sheds Light on Origin of Excess Anti-matter

UMD physicists helped capture the first wide-angle view of gamma rays emanating from two rapidly spinning stars. More »

Zwicky Transient Facility Sees “First Light”

UMD astronomers will use powerful new telescope camera for research and education. More »

College Sets New Record for UMD Crowdfunding Campaigns

$33,355 raised for the Mark Sobel Jr. Scholarship Fund for pre-med students through Launch UMD. 
More »

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Lazy Eye: Going Dark to Restore Vision

An art exhibition and lecture by Rob Kesseler that explore biological illustration as used in scientific materials and the aesthetic interpretation of scientific imagery in contemporary art.
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