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Worm Species Evolved to Self-Fertilize, Lost 7,000 Genes
Biology’s Eric Haag found that worms that self-fertilize lost one-fourth of their genome, including genes that make sperm competitive. More »

North American Waterways are Becoming Saltier and More Alkaline

New study led by Sujay Kaushal (Geology/ESSIC) highlights the need for better regulation of road salt, fertilizers and other salty compounds. More »

New Algorithm Repairs Corrupted Digital Images in One Step

Computer Science’s Matthias Zwicker uses the power of artificial neural networks to address several types of flaws and degradations in a single image at once. More »

Spinning Comet Slows Down During Close Approach to Earth

UMD astronomers observe drastic slowdown with NASA’s newly renamed Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. More »

Spotlight on UMD’s American Chemical Society Student Chapter

UMD mixes fun and educational activities to teach young students and peers about science. More »

Fungal Disease Poses Global Threat to Snakes

Biology’s Karen Lips discusses with the BBC her research on snake fungal disease in the U.S. and Europe. More »

Decoding a Face

Steven Armentrout’s (Ph.D. ’94, computer science) company, Parabon NanoLabs, constructs virtual mugshots from DNA. More »

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December 2017 CMNS Commencement Ceremony

December 2017 CMNS Commencement Photos

An art exhibition and lecture by Rob Kesseler that explore biological illustration as used in scientific materials and the aesthetic interpretation of scientific imagery in contemporary art.
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