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MAY 2018
A New Model for Communication in Plant Cells
Study led by Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics's José Feijó details how plant cells use glutamate receptor-like proteins to build single-cell communication networks. More »
New Research Reveals How Energy Dissipates Outside Earth’s Magnetic Field

NASA mission, with help from Physics's James Drake, is the first to observe a new type of turbulent magnetic reconnection, providing important clues about heating in the sun's outer layers.
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Dinesh Manocha Joins UMD as the Paul Chrisman Iribe Professor of Computer Science 

This endowed professorship in virtual reality was created with private support from Elizabeth Iribe and state support from the Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative Fund.
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College Announces 2018 Employee Award Recipients

The college hosted its annual Academic Festival on May 4 to honor the CMNS Board of Visitors awardees and Dean’s Award winners.
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University Medal Awarded to Physics and Astronomy Senior Christopher Bambic

The University Medal recognizes the most outstanding graduate of the year.
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Local Elementary School Students Participate in Biological Sciences Lecture

More than 50 sixth-graders attended the class taught by Entomology's Marcia Shofner, which also featured a guest lecture by graduate student Samuel Ramsey. More »
The Honorable C. Thomas McMillen and Mitchell Rock to Speak at College’s Spring Commencement Ceremony

McMillen (B.S. '74, chemistry) was UMD’s first Rhodes Scholar and Rock is graduating with bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences and government & politics.
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Graduate Fellowship Dinner

MAY 21-22
Neil Gehrels Memorial Meeting 

To commemorate Neil Gehrels's work and indelible presence in the field of astronomy, a two-day meeting will be held in D.C. More »
MAY 29
Science on Tap

Join us for our monthly lecture series at MilkBoy ArtHouse where we will discuss computer security and passwords with Michelle Mazurek. More »

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