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JULY 2018
IceCube Neutrinos Point to Long-sought Cosmic Ray Accelerator
UMD-developed alert system enabled telescopes around the world to zero in on cosmic particle factory. More »
International Collaboration Finds Land Plant Genes in Ancient Aquatic Alga

CBMG's Caren Chang and Charles Delwiche helped sequence an algal genome, which revealed that adaptations essential for land plants evolved before the plants did.
More »
People Recall Information Better Through Virtual Reality, Says UMD Study

Computer Science's Amitabh Varshney led one of the first in-depth analyses on whether people recall information better through virtual reality. More »
Decades of Satellite
Monitoring Reveal Antarctic
Ice Loss

ESSIC's SinĂ©ad Farrell co-authored new research review that provides insights into the continent’s response to climate warming. More »
Semiconductor Quantum Transistor Opens Door for Photon-based Computing

Developed by Physics' Edo Waks, the new transistor is compact and fast. It can process 10 billion photonic qubits every second. More »
UMD Part of Team Awarded $14.4M to Develop Innovative Language Technologies

The team plans to build powerful language technologies that can unlock information previously unsearchable, and thus unfindable. More »
Graduate Students Awarded Scholarships from Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation

Zachary Eldredge (Physics) and Matthew Thum (Chemistry) receive $15,000 scholarships. More »
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Join us for our monthly lecture series at MilkBoy ArtHouse. This month, we will discuss the study of liquid water under the frozen subsurfaces of Greenland and Europa. More »

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