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Undergraduates' Microbiology Experiment Returns from International Space Station
Experiment designed by Rushi Challa and Natalie Ivanina tested how well viruses could attack bacteria in microgravity. More »
UMD Part of $15 Million
National Science Foundation Quantum Computing Project

Physics' Chris Monroe and Alexey Gorshkov are members of the project, which aims to build the world's first practical quantum computer.
More »
Three Graduate Students Receive 2018 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships

Cheng Da, Pradip Gatkine and Angela Marusiak received the award, which provides up to $45,000 a year. More »
Undergraduate Madeline Beaudry Awarded 2018 NOAA Hollings Scholarship

Beaudry is pursuing dual degrees in biological sciences and geographical sciences. More »
Star-Swallowing Black Holes Reveal Secrets in Exotic Light Shows - Quanta Magazine

Astronomy's Suvi Gezari discusses her research on tidal disruption events. More »
Gnats Crave Tears - WTOP

Entomology's Mike Raupp explains why gnats fly around people's eyes. More »
New Shark Species Honors the Late Eugenia "Genie" Clark (Biology) - Gizmodo

The newly identified species of deepwater shark, Squalus clarkae, is also known as Genie's dogfish. More »
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