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The E-newsletter of the UMD College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
College Welcomes 19 New Faculty Members
The faculty members joined nine departments in the college. More »
New Method Peeks Inside the "Black Box" of Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science's Jordan Boyd-Graber helps explain why machine learning algorithms sometimes generate nonsensical answers.
More »
Biology's Arthur Popper Publishes 67th Book in Auditory Research Series

Popper, who retired in 2014, remains involved in research on hearing and on the effects of man-made sound on marine life. More »
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Gilad Ofek Solves
the Crystal Structure of an Ebola-related Antibody

The research lays important groundwork for the development of cross-species Ebola vaccines and therapeutics. More »
All in the Family: Kin of Gravitational Wave Source Discovered

New observations by UMD astronomers suggest that immense cosmic explosions called kilonovae may be more common than previously thought. More »
Chemistry & Biochemistry's Christopher Jarzynski Awarded American Physical Society's Lars Onsager Prize

Jarzynski was honored for outstanding research in theoretical statistical physics. More »
Physics' Raman Sundrum Awarded American Physical Society's J.J. Sakurai Prize

Sundrum was honored for a model proposing that a warped extra dimension exists in the universe, which solves a longstanding problem in theoretical particle physics. More »
Astronomy's Erin Kara Awarded Inaugural Neil Gehrels Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Joint Space-Science Institute (JSI) Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship was renamed this year to honor
JSI founding member Neil Gehrels (1952–2017).
More »
NASA's Fermi Mission
Energizes the Sky with
Gamma-ray Constellations

UMD astronomers helped the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope celebrate 10 years of observations with a map of 21 constellations connecting known gamma-ray sources. More »
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Nov 27
Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Lecture 

Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Jeffery Davis will speak about "Sticking and Stacking: Building Molecular Cages, Channels and Gels." More »
Nov 28
Science on Tap 

Join us for our monthly lecture series at MilkBoy ArtHouse. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm will tell us about "Water, soil, vegetation and climate: How nature can teach us to live on a budget." More »

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