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2019 Summer Science Camps at UMD for K-12 Students
Summer camps offered in entomology, physics, computer science, biomedical science and more. More »
Mass Spectrometry Sheds New Light on Thallium Poisoning Cold Case

Geology's Richard Ash developed a mass spectrometry standardization method for generating a timeline of thallium poisoning by analyzing the victim's hair. More »
Unpredictable Food Sources Drive Some Bats to Cooperatively Search for Food

Biology's Gerald Wilkinson used miniature sensors strapped to bats to track the animals' locations and calls to determine whether they searched for food alone or with others. More »
Patent Filed on Compounds
to Treat and Prevent

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Wenxia Song and collaborators identified two molecules that inhibit gonorrhea infection in a laboratory tissue model. More »
Astronomers Map 'Light Echoes' of Newly Discovered Black Hole

Team led by the Joint Space Science Institute's Erin Kara reveals the environment around a relatively small black hole in unprecedented detail. More »
National Quantum Initiative Act Becomes Law

Physics' Christopher Monroe testified to the House Science Committee and House Energy Committee on the legislation. UMD also suggested language and strongly advocated for the legislation. More »
Developing Cells Reach Out for Instructions

Research led by Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Sougata Roy suggests that cells in developing fruit fly air sacs extend armlike projections to physically grab signaling proteins. More »
Four Seniors in College Honored as 2018 Merrill Presidential Scholars

Danielle Arons, Deirdre Dolan, Somachukwu Umeozulu and Cosette Zacarias were honored. More »
Physics' Howard Milchberg and Family Establish New Endowed Lecture Series

The new series will focus on the intersection of science and society. More »
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