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The Lamp Lab at the University of Maryland

Welcome to the web site for the Lamp Lab, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland. We are a group of people under the leadership of Dr. William (Bill) Lamp, studying insects in a variety of terrestrial and aquatic settings, with applications to agriculture, pest management, freshwater ecology, and biomonitoring.

The symbol for our lab signifies the diverse research activities in which we are engaged. On one hand, we use potato leafhopper and invasive stink bugs as a model organisms to study plant-insect interactions, the physiological and biochemical response of legumes to leafhopper injury, and the development of improved pest management practices. On the other hand, we also study the behavior, population, and community responses of a variety of aquatic taxa with the goal to understand how species respond to human-induced changes in our environment. Details of specific projects can be found in the research section of this web site.

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