Conor O'Leary

Research Interests

My research interests fall into a broad range of applied ecology. Starting in marine biology, I helped survey coral reef geography and biology to get a better idea of current and future coral reef health. As I progressed through undergraduate, I began to work in entomology. As a research assistant in the Lamp Lab, I was introduced to research in aquatic entomology and plant-insect interactions. I will be starting a PhD in entomology at Washington State University in Fall 2013. I will be looking at pests of tree fruits and bio-control IPM. The goal of my research will be to find more sustainable and environmentally sound pest control methods while working with extension agents to bring these practices into the industry as quickly as possible.


  • B.S. Biology (Ecology and Evolution) and B.S. Psychology
  • Graduated May 2012
  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-4454