Dylan Kutz

  • Dylan Kutz
  • Expected Graduation Date: 2020
  • Position: M.S. Student, Entomology
  • Email: dkutz@terpmail.umd.edu
  • Office: 4124 Plant Sciences

Research Interests

My research interests focus broadly on natural enemies in agroecosystems, but more specifically I study agricultural drainage ditches as sources of spider diversity to enhance conservation biocontrol for neighboring croplands. I believe that spiders, the most abundant generalist predator in agroecosystems, are a severely overlooked aspect of conservation biocontrol. I am currently working on my thesis project, which aims to determine the changes to drainage ditch spider communities and their neighboring croplands throughout the course of a crop’s growth cycle to see if these less disturbed, unplanted areas in the agricultural landscape are acting as a source or sink for beneficial spiders. I intend to finish my Master’s program by May 2020, and hope to find employment with the USDA or EPA soon after!


  • B.S., Biology 2017
  • Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA