Kevin Willson

Research Interests

Restoration, Disturbance, Ecosystem, Plant, and Soil Ecology; Conservation Biology; Entomology; Ecosystem Services; Outdoor and Applied research.
In the Lamp lab, I help perform both lab and field research and data collection for Dr. Lamp and his grad students. Mainly, I work on a project involving risk assessment for Bt corn on non-target aquatic insects. In the field, I help deploy and collect leaf litter bags, collect macroinvertebrate samples, and collect water quality data while in the lab, I help in the processing of samples for macroinvertebrates and decomposition rates.


  • B.S. (x2) 2015
  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
  • Major: Environmental Science & Technology
  • Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Sciences
  • GPA: 3.7