Elena del Campillo

Assistant Research Professor

Ph.D. — University of California Riverside 1981

Telephone: (301) 405-7498

Fax: (301) 314-9082

E-mail: cd84@umail.umd.edu

Research Interest: Plant Molecular Physiology

Plant cell walls contain numerous hydrolytic enzymes to mediate cell wall changes. In factA recent, analysis of the overall complete Arabidopsis genome sequence has revealed that a high proportion of genes of its genome isis invested in cell wall metabolism and. it It is predicted that at least half of the genes currently classified as "unknown" encode enzymes for cell wall modification.

My research employs molecular/genetic approaches to elucidate the role of one gene enzyme family of cell wall enzymesgenes, the endo b 1,4 glucanases, commonly referred to as cellulases. In Arabidopsis, this family encompasses many proteins that are predicted to be secreted to the cell wall and few membrane proteins which are predicted to be anchored in the plasma membrane. We analyze gene expression of genes most structurally different genes representing the greatest structural contrast using promoter-driven reporter gene constructs, as well as RT-PCR from RNAs derived from different parts of the plants. We also use double stranded RNARNAi to generate RNAi mutants that down regulate the expression of each member of the family. The analysis of genotype and phenotype of RNAi plants, together with gene expression studies, are revealing that secreted cellulases are episodically expressed, cell cell-type specific and linked to processes that entail cell-cell separation. On the other hand, while.membrane cellulases (eg. KORRIGAN) are expressed throughout the plant, strongly expressed in meristematic and raplidly rapidly expanding cells, and are linked cellulose synthesis and cell expansion.

My early work was involved in with the analysis of cellulases in bean leaves leaf abscission and, more recently, in abscission of tomato flowers. We are now searching for the homologous genes involve ind with abscission of Arabidopsis flowers.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Reviewer for: Plant Physiology, Plant Cell, Journal of Plant Physiology and USDA, CSRS, National Research Initiative, Competitive Research Grant Office, NSF, Integrative Plant Biology Units and BARD.


USDA , CSRS, National Research Initiative, Competitive Research Grants Program, The Role of Cell Wall Hydrolases in Tomato Flower Abscission, 1992-1996,

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BOTANY 698C Plant Physiology, "Recent Developments in the Structure and Function of the Plant Cell Wall", Spring 1995

Guest Lecturer, Botany 698C, Plant Physiology, Spring 1994, 1997


Participant and Organizer:Tissue Print Workshop at the Plant Physiology Society, 1995


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