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Fall 2005 Seminars

Current seminars

Date Speaker Title Host
Aug. 5 Arne Akbar
University College London
"The Impact of Immune Exhaustion as Human Lifespan Increases" David Mosser
Sep. 9 Wendy Boss 
North Carolina State University
"Phosphoinositide signaling in plants: What happens when we use human enzymes to alter the flux through the PI signaling pathway?" Beth Gantt
Sep. 16 Owen White 
The Institute for Genomics Research
"Bacterial genome annotation in a high throughput environment" Steve Mount
Sep. 23 Greg Lennon 
" Regenerative Cells in Adult MRL 'Healer' Mice" Steve Wolniak
Sep. 30 Susan Lolle 
National Science Foundation
"Evidence for non-Mendelian inheritance of ancestral sequences in plants" Caren Chang
Oct. 7 Neil Hall 
The Institute for Genomics Research
" Comparative Genomics of Human Parasites" Steve Mount
Oct. 14 David Scott 
University of Maryland School of Medicine
" Gene therapy for immune tolerance--and vice versa" Ken Frauwirth
Oct. 21 No seminar scheduled    
Oct. 28 Marjorie Robert-Guroff 
National Cancer Institute
" A prime/boost vaccine strategy for HIV/AIDS based on replication-competent Adenovirus recombinants" Jeff Destefano
Nov. 4 Joanne Flynn  
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
"TNF and Tuberculosis" Lian-Yong Gao
Nov. 11 Rick Cavicchioli 
University of New South Wales
"Archaea - Cold Adaptation - Genomics & Proteomics" Jocelyne DiRuggiero
Nov. 18 David Jackson  
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
"Genetic dissection of signaling pathways in the shoot apical meristem" June Kwak
Dec. 2 Simon Gilroy  
Penn State University
"Can plants feel? Mechanical signaling in Arabidopsis" June Kwak
Dec. 9 Doris Wagner  
University of Pennsylvania
"Switching the developmental program in the Arabidopsis meristem" Zhongchi Liu

*All Seminars will be held at 12:00 noon in Rm. 2242 H.J. Patterson Hall

Past seminars: Fall 2004 Spring 2005

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