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Stephen M. Mount
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Email is the best and fastest way to reach me. Please use either

  • RNAinfo [at]
  • smmount [at]
  • My primary id is RNAinfo. There are others that go into the same yahoo mailbox. If I gave you one of those other addresses, please use it in order to help me find your email.

    smount [at] / smmount [at] The address is my professional email address at the University of Maryland. Mail sent to was (until Feb. 3, 2013) forwarded first to steve [at] (where a record is kept) and then to the gmail account, where I actually read it. For years, this has been an extremely reliable set-up and mail sent to my address always reached me promptly (even when the webmail was down). Since 2009 a very small amount of mail sent to me at (from reliable places, such as and has not been getting through, and the problem was traced to, so I recommend sending your mail directly to smmount [at] (it is the same as but more reliable).

    On the morning of Feb. 3 a new, different and more serious problem arose. Mail is not getting from to gmail. I can still read it at, but prefer to use gmail, so I am now asking people to use smmount [at] for the professional email, but that is likely to change once I explore the problem and other options.

    Other sites. I do use other email addresses for specific purposes. In particular, I like to read mail related to my blogs on genetics as ongenetics at gmail. If you have another address for me, it could be right. Certainly, it's always OK to use reply. Exceptions are addresses at,, and, which no longer work.

    Use the Yahoo address if your email is commercial in nature.
    I have zero tolerance for commercial email at my umd address, including "legitimate" email related to research or teaching. If you are selling something, the Yahoo address is the only way for you to send me email that won't go unread into my spam folder. If you are notifying me of an upcoming conference, book, journal or event of any other kind, you should use the Yahoo address. If your email is going out to more than five people you should probably use the Yahoo address. If you are not sure which address to use, you should use the Yahoo address.

    Phone: 301-405-6934
    (this number is HJ Patterson Hall, where my lab is)
    301-405-9904 rings my office in the Center for Bioinformatics.
    If I don't answer, you can leave voicemail, but email will almost certainly reach me sooner (I can get it on my cell phone).

    Fax: If you want to send me a fax, ask me about it by email and I'll find a number for you.

    Stephen M. Mount
    Dept. of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
    H.J. Patterson Hall
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742-5815

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