Research opportunities in the Mount lab


Opportunities for research in the Mount lab should arise in the Spring 2010 semester. Please read my research summary and the relevant section below.

Undergraduate research in the Mount laboratory is available through a number of mechanisms. A typical path is one or two semesters of research as BSCI379G followed by BSCI379H. A number of mechanisms are available for support of undergraduate research. These are described on the College web site (here). More students want to do laboratory research than can be accommodated. Preference is given to those with a genuine interest in genetics and genomics and research. Students should be willing to work at least two semesters and preferably longer. If you want to apply, please read the expectations for undergraduates and send an email that includes information about your plans (What is your year at Maryland? Do you want course credit? Do you need to be paid? Do you want to do an Honors thesis?), your relevant academic experience (GPA, specialization area, any genetics and lab courses taken, with grades received), and relevant research experience, if any.

Graduate research. I anticipate taking a rotation student or two in the Spring 2010 semester. Please contact me for an interview and reaffirm your interest with an email in mid-December.

Postdocs or visiting scientists. Right now I have no funding to support a postdoc. When that changes I will update this page. If you have your own funding, please contact me directly.



Last modified Sept. 12, 2009