Steve Mount's Public Calendar

Spring 2011 and beyond

This is my public calendar. I put it here primarily to help schedule events such as committee meetings.
For a week-by-week calendar please consult my Google calendar ( You will have to click on "week" to see the time that events end.

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General schedule, Spring 2011




Monday 12:00 1216 HJP or
1103 BRB
Plant Journal Club or
BEES seminar
Tuesday 12:30 1208 BPS Evol Genetics
Tuesday 14:00-17:00 HJP lab one-on-one meetings
Wednesday noon 1103 BRB MOCB seminar
Thursday 12:30 1103 BRB CBMG research in progress
Thursday 14:00 1103 BRB CBG seminar
Friday noon 1103 BRB CBMG seminar
Friday 15:30 various GEMS, ATRIUM, MPRI

Last modified Jan. 4, 2011.