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JUNE 2019
Transgenic Fungus Rapidly Killed Malaria Mosquitoes in West African Study
Technology developed by Entomology's Raymond St. Leger and Brian Lovett could safely reduce malaria mosquito populations, including insecticide-resistant strains. More »
College Awarded $175 Million from NOAA for Earth System Studies

New Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies will expand UMD's role as a national leader in this field. More »
Stephen Hawking Letters Donated by Physics' Charles Misner Fetched Nearly $300K at Auction

Misner donated the letters to establish the Joseph Weber Endowment for Gravitational Physics at UMD. More »
Color Vision Found in Fish that Live in Near Darkness

New research by Biology's Karen Carleton reveals a new visual system that may allow color vision in deep, dark waters where animals were presumed to be colorblind. More »
New Study Found that the Moon is Quaking as it Shrinks

Geology's Nicholas Schmerr helped show that the moon is still tectonically active, according to data from NASA’s Apollo and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter missions. More »
Three Senior Science Terps Named 2019 Fulbright Scholars

Biological sciences majors Kurt Auville and Annie Trang and computer science major Louis-Henri Merino received the award.
Computer Science Ph.D. Student Denis Peskov Awarded DAAD Scholarship to Conduct Research in Germany

Peskov hopes to help computers and people work better together to translate languages. More »
Entomology's Bretton Kent Helped Smithsonian Reconstruct a Life-size Prehistoric Shark

Fossil remains and scientific deduction ensured an accurate 52-foot model of a hungry megalodon greets diners in museum café. More »
College's Alumni Network Announced 2019 Summer Undergraduate Award Winners

The awards will enable four students to study or conduct research in Scotland, at Columbia University and at UMD. More »
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