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Chemistry Getting a New Wing to Advance Research Frontiers and Train Students
The new wing will expand the scope of physical and analytical chemistry research and support new approaches in materials synthesis and characterization. More »
Microbiology Experiment from All-female Student Team Launched into Space

The experiment developed by biological sciences undergraduates will test how well bacteria can grow on different surfaces in microgravity. More »
NASA Selected UMD-led Proposal to Upgrade Lunar Instruments Placed by Apollo Missions

Physics' Douglas Currie, who helped design three lunar instruments still in space, gets the chance to send next-gen version to the moon. More »
Distant “Heavy Metal” Gas Planet is Shaped Like a Football

Astronomy's Drake Deming contributed to the discovery of the first known exoplanet hot enough for heavy elements to evaporate and escape its atmosphere. More »
Study Identified Causes of Multidecadal Climate Changes

Geology's Michael Evans contributed to an analysis that suggested current climate models can accurately predict climate warming several decades into the future. More »
New Database Will Support Immunology Research

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Brian Pierce developed a new tool for researchers who study T cell receptor structures. More »
Study Revealed Final Step in RNA Recycling, Offered Clues for Novel Antibiotics

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Vincent Lee detailed a vital cellular process misunderstood since the 1960s. More »
Four Strings Around the [Virtual] World

Computer Science's Amitabh Varshney developed a new virtual reality experience for violin professor's performances. More »
Seeing How Computers “Think” Revealed Artificial Intelligence Weaknesses

Computer Science's Jordan Boyd-Graber created questions in collaboration with computers to identify flaws in machine-learning language models. More »
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