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November 2019
New Artificial Intelligence System Automatically Evolves to Evade Internet Censorship
Computer Science's Dave Levin and Kevin Bock developed a new tool based on genetic evolution that automatically learned to evade censorship in China, India and Kazakhstan. More »
UMD Builds Ties With Amazon

The university plans to open a "Discovery Center" at Amazon’s new headquarters in Crystal City, Virginia, in 2020. More »
Amy Chester Will Lead UMD's Science Academy

Chester returned to her alma mater to direct the new effort that provides graduate STEM programs for working professionals. More »
Two Strains of One Bacterium Combined to Cause Flesh-eating Infection

UMIACS' Rita Colwell and Nur Hasan co-authored a study that revealed how genetic variations in a single species of bacteria can amplify infection. More »
Social Ties Can Accelerate Sustainable Fishing

SESYNC researchers showed that social influence can impact small-scale fishers’ catch portfolios. More »
Study Confirmed Caribou are World’s Longest Wild Animal Terrestrial Migrator

Biology's Eliezer Gurarie co-authored the global study that revealed caribou travel round-trip distances exceeding 745 miles (1,200 km). More »
Scientists Discovered Method to Create and Trap Trions at Room Temperature

Team led by Chemistry and Biochemistry's YuHuang Wang chemically engineered carbon nanotubes to synthesize and trap these quasi-particles. More »
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