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January 2020
Researchers Develop First Mathematical Proof for a Key Law of Turbulence in Fluid Mechanics
Mathematics' Jacob Bedrossian and colleagues provided a mathematical explanation for a previously uncertain law of physics, revealing when the law applies and when it doesn't. More »
Our Top Stories of 2019

Revisit our most-read stories of last year, from evading online censorship to galaxy transformations to the opening of the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering. More »
Maryland Center for Women in Computing Celebrated Five Years of Success

Led by Computer Science's Jandelyn Plane, the center has touched the lives of more than 6,000 young people across the region. More »
Caribou Migration Linked to Climate Cycles and Insect Pests

Biology's Eliezer Gurarie led the largest-ever caribou study, which disputes long-held assumptions about migration timing and suggests warming summers may negatively affect calving. More »
Report Recommends a Path for the Future of Maryland’s Clean Energy Economy

Physics' Ellen Williams was the lead author of the report, which suggests the state has the tools, capacity and forward-looking thinkers to become a leader in clean energy innovation. More »
Astronomers Spotted Distant Galaxy Group Driving Ancient Cosmic Makeover

Astronomy's Sylvain Veilleux helped find the farthest galaxy group identified to date. The group dates to a time when the universe was only 680 million years old. More »
Remote Quantum Systems Produce Interfering Photons

Physics' Steve Rolston led the study, which could be an essential step toward the realization of a distributed network of quantum computers capable of processing information in novel ways. More »
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