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February 2020
UMD-led Study Named Science's Most Impactful Paper of 2019
Entomology's Raymond St. Leger and Brian Lovett and their West African collaborators were awarded the AAAS's 2019 Newcomb Cleveland Prize. The award recognizes their efforts to develop and test a genetically engineered fungus to fight mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and Zika. More »
Tanay Wakhare Hakeem Henry
Senior Tanay Wakhare Awarded Prestigious Churchill Scholarship

Wakhare, a mathematics and computer science double-degree student, will spend a year studying artificial intelligence at the University of Cambridge. More »
Hakeem Henry Focuses His Energy on Building a Better Battery and Student Community

A chemistry Ph.D. student and president of NOBCChE, Henry is working to develop new materials that can improve or go beyond conventional lithium-ion batteries. More »
Quantum Alliance group meeting Leah Dodson
UMD Convened Alliance to Accelerate State's Quantum 'Ecosystem'

The Maryland Quantum Alliance includes universities, companies and government labs and aims to develop pioneering quantum technologies and train the quantum workforce of tomorrow. More »
New Faculty Member Leads UMD into the Field of Exotic Space Chemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry's Leah Dodson is a laboratory astrochemist who studies the chemistry of interstellar space and the atmospheres around other planets. More »
Figure representing the orvit of an asteroid around planet Venus Figure showing the ocean's capacity to absorb Co2
First Asteroid Found Inside Orbit of Venus

Astronomy's Quanzhi Ye helped discover an asteroid with one of the shortest "years" known. More »
Are We Losing a Key Climate Change Buffer?

ESSIC's Li-Qing Jiang led a study that produced high-resolution maps showing limited ocean capacity to absorb excess carbon dioxide.
More »
Demonstration at a summer camp class John Benedetto
Registration Open for 2020 Summer Science Camps for
K-12 Students

The college offers summer camps in physics, computer science, biomedical science and more. More »
Jubilee Honored Mathematics Professor John Benedetto

Mathematicians from five continents filled the house for a three-day 80th birthday celebration and conference. More »
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Students at Commencement Dean Amitabh Varshney with the commencement keynote and student speakers Closeup of Justin Lee holding a small snake

CMNS Commencement Ceremony Winter 2019 (Video)

CMNS Commencement Ceremony Winter 2019 (Photos)

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Giving Day

Students, faculty, staff, parents, friends and alumni are invited to join the largest day of giving because we are all Terps! More »

MAR 11

Pi Day Celebration

Ali Hirsa presents "Math Geeks: From Behind Closed Doors to the Forefront in Wall Street." Plus, pizza pie and dessert pie! More »

APR 25

Maryland Day

The University of Maryland invites you come to College Park and celebrate Maryland Day. At the 22nd annual campuswide open house, you’ll find a wide variety of family-friendly events and activities where you can explore our world of fearless ideas. More »

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