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March 2020
First Direct Seismic Measurements of Mars Revealed a Geologically Active Planet
Geology's Vedran Lekic and Nicholas Schmerr analyzed marsquakes and found geological activity similar to both Earth and the moon. More »
When Frogs Die Off, Snake Diversity Plummets

Biology's Karen Lips found a significant drop in snake diversity following amphibian declines from chytrid fungus. More »
Cloudy With a Chance of Microbes

Biological sciences major Caitlyn Singam to test bacteria from microorganisms at high altitude.
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Voice of America Highlights Maryland Center for Women in Computing

The CMNS-supported center was profiled for successfully establishing a supportive and inclusive environment. More »
More than One Way to Skin A Planet

Geology's Bill McDonough co-authored analysis of meteorites and satellite data that led to a new compositional model that identifies layers inside the red planet. More »

Forecasts of the Future

ESSIC and Computer Science researchers developed revolutionary virtual reality system that gives 3D vantage of satellite data. More »
As the World Turns

Physics' Dan Lathrop plans to overhaul audacious experiment to understand Earth's magnetic shield.
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