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MAY 2020
Chemistry & Biochemistry’s Christopher Jarzynski Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
Jarzynski is a leader in statistical physics and theoretical chemistry. More »
Tired of Waiting to Get Tested for COVID-19? These Local Doctors Come to Your House

Ernest Brown (B.S. '91, biochemistry) talked to WUSA9 about his company, Doctors To You, and making house calls to test D.C. area residents for COVID-19. More »
Apple and Google Team Up to Help with Coronavirus Contact Tracing Technology—WUSA9

Jen Golbeck (Ph.D. '05, computer science) shared why this technology will help both individuals and the greater good. More »
Joshua Singer Named Interim Chair of Biology

Singer begins the two-year appointment on July 1, taking the reins from Bill Fagan, who served as department chair since 2013. More »
Two Sophomores Awarded NOAA Hollings Scholarships

Atmospheric and oceanic science majors Ciara Donegan and Sam Varga awarded up to $19,000 and a paid summer internship at a NOAA facility. More »
In Situ with UMIACS' Rita Colwell—Chemistry World

The Distinguished University Professor and former director of the National Science Foundation weighed in on persevering and flourishing as a woman in science. More »
Now There's Something Called a Murder Hornet. Does the DMV Need to Worry?

Entomology's Mike Raupp explained to WJLA how invasive pests like this get to the U.S. and why this particular hornet is "no joke." More »
DNA May Not Be Life's Instruction Book, Just a Jumbled List of Ingredients

Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics' Antony Jose proposed a potentially revolutionary framework for heredity and evolution in which inheritable information is stored outside the genome. More »
New Study Produces Most Accurate Estimates Ever of Ice Loss in Greenland and Antarctica

ESSIC's Kelly Brunt traveled across Antarctica to help calculate changes in ice cover. More »
Senior Michael Nastac is Oxford Bound

The physics and mathematics dual-degree student received a Clarendon Scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. at the University of Oxford and build on his plasma theory research. More »
Support the UMD Student Crisis Fund

Over 200 students in the college received over $100,000 from the Student Crisis Fund last month, but more than 100 students are still waiting for help. More »
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