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The research ship Polarstern at night in the Arctic ice
Stranded in the Arctic
Atmospheric & Oceanic Science Ph.D. student Steven Fons' research adventure on an Arctic ice floe aboard the German icebreaker Polarstern was unexpectedly extended by the COVID-19 pandemic. More »
Todd Cooke Derek Richardson
Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics' Todd Cooke Honored with Kirwan Undergraduate Education Award

As director of the Integrative Life Sciences honors program for nearly a decade, Cooke pushed academically accomplished undergraduates to change the world. More »
Astronomy's Derek Richardson Receives Kirwan Faculty Research and Scholarship Prize

The award recognizes Richardson's breakthrough investigation into the internal structure of asteroids and comets. More »
Matthias Zwicker Award image of a golden shell with laurels
Matthias Zwicker Appointed Interim Chair of Computer Science

Zwicker, who joined UMD in March 2017, conducts research at the intersection of computer graphics and artificial intelligence. More »
New Year, New Ways: 41 Campus Teaching Innovation Grants Awarded to College

Faculty members in the college will use the funding to develop creative, new instructional strategies for their Fall 2020 courses. More »
Kan Cao, wearing a lab coat Ipsum Diagnostics logo
"As a woman of color myself I would love to encourage more POC to join the small business space."

Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics' Kan Cao, founder of skincare startup Bluelene, talks about the challenges she faced on the road to success in Authority Magazine. More »
Lauren Bricks (B.S. '05, Biological Sciences) is at the Forefront of COVID-19 Testing

Bricks' company, Ipsum Diagnostics, is testing thousands of COVID-19 samples per day with a 24-hour turnaround time. More »
Section of a map showing active and inactive volcanic sites on Venus Photo of a syringe and various pills
Scientists Find New Evidence of Active Volcanoes on Venus

Geology's Laurent Montesi and collaborators identified 37 recently active volcanic structures on Venus—new evidence that Venus is still a geologically active planet. More »
Worms Can Help Detect Potential Drug Safety Issues, Study Suggests

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Antony Jose found that three medications currently on the market may have unexpected effects. More »
A photo pf Nathan Swenson in a meadow with a forest in the boackground A towing platform floating in the rough water of the ocean
Measuring COVID-19's Impact on Maryland's Forests

Biology's Nathan Swenson received an NSF grant to investigate what happens to trees that have been exposed to—and stressed by—air pollution when air quality improves. More »
Oceans in a Blender

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science's Jacob Wenegrat discovered an important ocean blender effect that could influence climate and fisheries from Florida to Newfoundland.
More »
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A screenshot of Jacob Wenegrat on TV with a photo of ticks in a monitor behind him. Screen capture of a young Asian man with a Maryland flag pattern applied to his face like facepaint Example of a Maryland-themed Facebook profile picture photo frame.

Entomology's Mike Raupp Talks Tick-borne Illnesses

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AUG 27

Computer and Computational Sciences Research Day

The second annual event will be hosted virtually this year and feature research talks by faculty members and students. More »

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