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October 2020
Portrait of Colenso Speer
Biology’s Colenso Speer Awarded $1.5 Million to Develop Brain Mapping Techniques
NIH's High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program will fund a project aimed at understanding how neurons are wired. More »
Jagdeep Singh Nick Poniatowski
Venture Adventure

Jagdeep Singh’s (B.S. '86, computer science and economics) 30 years of successful Silicon Valley startups continues with QuantumScape.
More »
Nick Poniatowski Wins APS LeRoy Apker Award

Poniatowski (B.S. '20, physics) is the first UMD student to receive this honor, which recognizes outstanding achievements in physics by undergraduate students. More »
Illustration of multicolored, silhouetted human profiles Students and a professor working with VR equipment
College Launches Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

The new council will advise the dean and senior leaders in the college on issues, opportunities, and activities related to diversity, inclusion, equity and awareness. More »
New Major Immerses Students in Coding and Creativity

The first introductory course for immersive media design will be offered this fall with two more expected next spring. More »
Cover of the book THe Seremgeti Rules Kwaku Dayie
Film based on Biology Professor's Book Wins Emmy for Outstanding Nature Documentary

"The Serengeti Rules," is based on Sean Carroll's last book and was released by HHMI’s Tangled Bank Studios. More »
New Tools Sharpen 3D View of Large RNA Molecules

New technique developed by Chemistry & Biochemistry's Kwaku Dayie overcomes a challenge that limited RNA imaging for 50 years. More »
A computer-generated riboswitch molecule Exoskeleton of a mosquito larva
AI Language Tools Used to Decode Molecular Movements

Chemistry & Biochemistry's Pratyush Tiwary used algorithms—like the ones that fill in words as people type—to predict how and when proteins form different shapes.
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Mosquitoes Lost an Essential Gene with No Ill Effects

The study led by Entomology's Leslie Pick suggests caution is needed for studies that presume closely related species use the same genes for similar functions. More »

Cover of Odyssey Magazine

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OCT 24-25


Technica is the world’s largest all-women and nonbinary hackathon, hosted annually by students at the University of Maryland. In response to COVID-19, we will be hosting Technica virtually this year to keep our hackers healthy! More »

Oct 29

Russell Marker Lecture

Join us for "Glycans at the Host–Microbe Interface," a lecture by Laura L. Kiessling, Novartis Professor of Chemistry at MIT. The event will be held virtually as a Zoom webinar.
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Science on Tap

Join us for "Targeting Programmed -1 Ribosomal Frameshifting in COVID-19," a lecture by Jonathan D. Dinman, Professor and Chair, UMD Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. The event will be held virtually as a Zoom webinar. More »

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