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February 2021
An aerial view of Hornbake Plaza on the UMD campus by John T. Consoli
University Receives its Highest Ranking in Research and Development Survey
For the first time, the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore were linked together as one research enterprise, ranking No. 14 overall and No. 8 among public institutions. More »
Veeraj Shah Jorge Ramirez
Biological Sciences Major Veeraj Shah Named 2021 Gates Cambridge Scholar

He will use the scholarship toward a Ph.D. in public health and primary care at the University of Cambridge. More »
Senior Jorge Ramirez is Passionate About Inspiring Future Latinx Physicists

He's working on a video series called Rostros Físicos, which features Latinx physicists from all stages of the academic path. More »
Betsy Quinlan Closeup of a cicada sitting on a fingertip
Biology's Elizabeth Quinlan Appointed Founding Director of New Brain and Behavior Institute

The BBI will promote innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to solve the most pressing problems of nervous system function and disease. More »
Entomology's Mike Raupp in Newsweek: Cicadas to Re-emerge After 17 Years Underground

"This is a wonderful opportunity for millions of people to witness and enjoy a remarkable biological phenomenon in their own backyard." More »
Ellen Williams Ross Salawitch
ESSIC Director Ellen Williams Takes on Grand Challenge

Williams applies the power of science and technology and bridges disciplines to help society transition to clean energy and combat climate change. More »
Atmospheric & Oceanic Science’s Ross Salawich on Paris Climate Agreement

As President Biden re-engages with global climate accord, Salawich explains the implications for U.S. policy and politics. More »
Brett Boyer Life reconstruction of a Spinosaurus wading in the water and fishing ©Robert Nicholls 2020 who retains the copyright but this is free to use in conjunction with this story
Inventing Solutions

Brett Boyer (B.S. '18, computer science) is quickly making his mark as co-founder of the software startup Datakwip. More »
Spinosaurus Was More Heron Than Crocodile

Geology's Thomas Holtz and colleagues show this carnivorous dinosaur with the giant sail on its back was a wading hunter, not a swimming predator. More »

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