Virtual tour of our facility

Photos of Lab activities

Photos of 2017:

  • Liu Lab field trip to Renwick Museum, DC (Mar. 2017)

  • Lab field trip to Renwick Museum (Mar. 2017 )

  • Photos of 2016:

  • Liu Lab Group Photo (Dec. 2016)

  • Lab Holiday Party Chinese Painting Competition (Dec. 2016 )

  • Lab Trip to the US Botanical Garden (March, 2016)

  • Photos of 2015:

  • Great Wall of China (Oct. 2015)

  • Lab hiking trip to the Great Falls, Maryland (Nov. 2015 )

  • Lab crab feast (Oct., 2015)

  • Lab hiking trip to the Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland (March, 2015)

  • Photos of 2014:

  • Lab trip to Harris Crab House (Oct. 2014)

  • Lab Photo at Matthew's Bar Mitzvah (April 2014 at Bethesda, Maryland)

  • Lab field trip to the Zoo (March, 2014)

  • Rachel receiving Carroll E. Cox Award for Plant Biology (2014)

  • Lab field trip (spring 2014)

  • Photos of 2013:

  • Floor Holiday party (Dec. 2013)

  • Lab Party to say farewell to visiting scientist Jing Wang (July 2013)

  • Rachel wedding (June, 2013 at Eastern Shore of Maryland)

  • Lab field trip to strawberry farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (May 2013)

  • Lab field trip to Harpers Ferry, March. 2013 (From left: Qione, Dandan, Charles, Jing, Chunying, Wanpeng, Julie, Rachel, Stephanie, and Zhongchi)

  • Photos of 2012:

  • Lab outing to Anapolis, Sept. 2012 (From left: Charles, Yifan, Dandan, Chunying, Zhongchi, Jing, Stephanie, Rachel, Qione, and Wanpeng)

  • Congratulations to Zhongchi for her promotion to full professor (2012)

  • Lab field trip to see cherry blossom in Washington DC (Spring 2012).

  • Photos of 2011:

  • Feasting on Peking Duck in celebration of several publications this year (Dec., 2011).

  • Lab group photo (July 2011).

  • Liu Lab basketball team (July 2011).

  • Summer bioinformatic workshop for high school teachers at Towson Univ. (July 2011).

  • Lab field trip to visit Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown, Washington DC (Spring 2011).

  • Photos of 2010:

  • Lab group photo (April 2010).

  • Lab BBQ party for the graduation of Boyana, Toju, and Chris at Courtney's house (May 2010)

  • Floor party for the marriage of Paja and Tamara (April 2010)

  • Photos before 2008:

  • BBQ party for Huie's departure (Sept. 2008)

  • Lab photo (Spring 2008)

  • Summer 2007 in the lab.
    (Left back: Gabi, Ranjani, Boyana. Left front: Minh, Channa)

  • CBMG Award Ceremony with Boyana receiving Appleman Norton Award and Courtney receiving Distinquished TA award, May 2007.
    (front left: Paja, Boyana, Zhongchi, Courtney; back left Fei, Channa)

  • Graduation of undergraduate students: Channa and Boyana (May, 2007)

  • Lab outing to Happer's Ferry, West Virginia, March, 2007.
    (from left: Ranjani, Paja, Zhongchi, Boyana, Courtney, Minh (front), Channa (back), Fei, and Vid).

  • The Lab celebrated Connie's acceptance to Pharmacy School, 2005
    (from left Minh, Zhongchi, Jiangsong, Black, and Connie)

  • A Gardener?
    Zhongchi at Switzerland, 2004

  • Lab picture, 2000 summer, at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.
    From front to back: Anandkumar Surendrarao, Black Wang, and Bob Franks.

  • Lab picture, 2000 spring, at Dumbarton Oaks , Washington, D.C.
    From left: Anandkumar Surendrarao, Zhongchi Liu, Black Wang, Alex Bao, and Bob Franks.

  • Lab picture, 1999 fall, in front of the H.J. Patterson Hall.
    From left: Terri Leung, Sarah Brooks, Bob Franks, Seth Glatstein, Jai-Young Song, Black Wang, and Zhongchi Liu.