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Information for Prospective Students:

Thank you for your interest in the Paynter Lab!

Potential student projects may address a wide range of topics, the common thread being estuarine science.  Previous and ongoing lab research includes aspects of oyster physiology, benthic ecology, and oyster monitoring with management implications.  For examples of previous research, refer to the lab publications page or current projects.  You may also get a slightly less formal look at the goings-on of the Paynter Lab via facebook.

Potential graduate students, please contact Dr. Paynter at  In your email, please include your research interests and a brief statement about your background, as well as a copy of your CV or resume and an unofficial copy of your transcripts.  If possible, please describe how your intended research focus/topic might fit into the type of work done in the Paynter Lab.

Students interested in applying to graduate school should also visit the Marine, Estuarine, Environmental Sciences graduate program website to learn more about the graduate program of which Dr. Paynter is a member.

Undergraduate and high school students, please contact the lab manager at In your email, please include a brief statement about your background and research interests, as well as a copy of your resume/CV. If you are uncertain how to address your email, please read this.