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Current Projects


  • Monitoring Oyster Restoration:  We monitor the status of restoration projects occurring throughout the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay.


  • Ecology:  Some research projects in our lab focus on aspects of oyster ecology.


  • Examining Disease Dynamics: As part of our oyster monitoring effort, we sample oysters throughout the Bay, testing for the presence of Perkinsus marinus, a parasite that causes Dermo disease.


  • Factors Influence Restoration Success:  An important aspect of our monitoring program involves evaluating the success of restoration; this often means quantifying oyster survival on sites throughout the Bay.  Similarly, it is critical to understand the factors that influence oyster (particularly spat) survival.


  • Physiology: Oyster physiology represents one realm of oyster research conducted in our lab.


  • Student Projects: Graduate, undergraduate, and high school students conduct research projects in our lab, in an attempt to investigate all things benthos.