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 The Simon lab occupies 3,000 square feet in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland College Park.  The laboratory has a 200 sq ft walk in plant growth chamber, two additional 7 sq ft Conviron growth chambers, and a Percival growth chamber for callus generation.  There is an alcove for tissue culture including a laminar flow hood, a room for radioisotope use with a fume hood, and a room for potting plants.

Six personal computers (less than two years old) and four printers (Textronix Phaser 850, one Xerox printer/copier, and Epson color) are located in the offices.  All computers are connected by ethernet to the University system.

Office space for Anne Simon is within the laboratory.  

Major Equipment:
In the Simon lab: Beckman L8 ultracentrifuge, Sorvall Superspeed centrifuge with rotors,  Beckman refrigerated midspeed centrifuge, five microcentrifuges, Bio-Rad 2000 spectrophotometer, automated system for low pressure protein purification (Bio-Rad Econosystem), automated Biologic FPLC/HPLC system for protein purification (Bio-Rad), three high and six low voltage power supplies, ten waterbaths, two platform shakers, Stratagene gradient thermal cycler, Multigene gradient thermal cycler, Roche Light Cycler 480 II for real time PCR, Turner Design Modulus Microplate Luminometer, New Brunswick shaking incubator, Hybaid hybridization oven, Savant speed vac and gel dryer, Bio-Rad Imaging Densitometer, Nikon inverted microscope, three incubators, two 80oC freezers, six refrigerators, other basic equipment (scales, pH meter, etc.).  In the lab's darkroom we have our video gel documentation system and UV light box.  



Always Balance Your $40,000 UltraCentrifuge