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Pathogenic Microbiology

The Study of Disease-Causing Bacteria

David M. Rollins, Ph.D., Adjunct Lecturer (Science in the Evening & USM-Shady Grove)
Volker Briken, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sam W. Joseph, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus


LECTURE TEXT:    Medical Microbiology. 5th Edition,  P.R. Murray, K.S. Rosenthal, and M.A. Pfaller. Mosby, 2005.


Microbial Pathogenesis Laboratory Manual. 2nd Edition, D.M. Rollins, J.J. Temenak, P. Shields and S.W. Joseph. Published & Available Online. 2003.
Microbiology A Photographic Atlas for the Laboratory. 1st Edition,  S.K. Alexander and D. Strete. Benjamin Cummings, 2001.


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Host-Parasite Interactions Pathogen Summaries

Basic Definitions


Pathogenic Bacteria Categorized by Disease


Pathogenic Bacteria Categorized by Morphology, Gram Stain & Oxygen Requirement

Pathogenic Bacteria Categorized by Source & Transmission

Pathogenic Bacteria Categorized by Body Site Colonized

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Common Lab Media

Common pH Indicators
Basic Techniques Lab Test Methods & Results Suggested Topics for Oral Presentation


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