Photo of Dr. Wilkinson

Gerald S. Wilkinson


Department of Biology
University of Maryland
4094 Campus Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742

email: wilkinso @
phone: (301) 405-6942 (lab office)
fax: (301) 314-9358
Lab and office: 2223 Biology-Psychology Bldg

Research Interests

Dr. Wilkinson conducts research on the evolution of social behavior, with emphasis on how genetic mechanisms may influence the outcome of evolution. Recent research in the lab has addressed genomic conflict, sexual selection, DNA methylation, aging, cooperation and communication. Stalk-eyed flies are being used as a model system for studying the evolution of sexually selected traits. Past work implicated X chromosome meiotic drive as an evolutionary agent which can catalyze sexual selection. In collaboration with Josie Reinhardt at SUNY Geneseo and Rick Baker at the AMNH we have assembled the genomes of several stalk-eyed flies and discovered a candidate genetic element for meiotic drive that influences chromatin remodeling and transposable element defense.  In a separate collaboration with Steve Horvath we have used DNA methylation to predict age in bats and discovered that extreme longevity, which has evolved in multiple bat lineages, is associated with change in methylation near genes associated with immunity or mutated in tumors. Hibernation also slows epigenetic aging. Grants from the NSF and the NIH currently support projects on bats that aim to identify epigenetic changes associated with social stress, immune function, and sex differences in aging.


CPSP 218L College Park Scholars - Life Sciences Colloquium
HONR 278C Biology and Mythology of Bats
BSCI 360 Principles of Animal Behavior

Fall Migration Field trips to Cape May
BSCI 401
Animal Communication
BIOL 608W Genomic Conflicts
BIOL 608V Genetics and evolution of vocal learning and language
BIOL 608W Evolution of Cooperation
BISI 712 Responsible Conduct of Research
Seminars for Teachers Bats and Biology

Awards and Honors

1988 Searle Scholar
1989 Lilly Fellow
1997 Distinguished Scholar Teacher
2001 Faculty Research Award, College of Life Sciences
2003 Quest Award, Animal Behaviour Society
2003 Fellow, Animal Behaviour Society
2007 President, Animal Behaviour Society
2011 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
2013 Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, Berlin
2019 Gerrit Miller Award, North American Symposium on Bat Research

Spring 2015

Current Lab Members

Kim Paczolt Senior Lecturer Evolution of sex chromosome drive in stalk-eyed flies
Riva Riley Affiliate Assist Professor Social learning in cory catfish
Jack Rayner Postdoc Mechanisms of sex differences in aging in bats
Danielle Adams Postdoc Epigenetic differences in bats associated with aging and status
Katherine Armenta
Graduate student Ecological effects of bat interactions

Lab Alumni

Danielle Adams Postdoc University of Maryland dissertation
Bryan Arnold Assoc. Professor Illinois College dissertation
Jon Ballou Res. Scientist Emeritus Dept of Cons. Biol, National Zoological Park dissertation
Jon Beadell Analyst
Kevin Bennett Postdoc Penn State University dissertation
Leanna Birge Technical Writer Jacobs Technology
Kisi Bohn Assist. Res. Professor Johns Hopkins University dissertation
Jenny Boughman Professor Dept of Integrative Biology, Michigan State University dissertation
Gerry Carter Assoc. Professor Ohio State University dissertation
Sarah Christianson
Washington, D.C. dissertation
Eduardo Eizirik Professor Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil dissertation
Pete Fauth Professor Dept of Biology, Hartwick College
Catherine Fry Educational Manager Am. Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Erin Gillam Professor North Dakota State University
Ahmad Hariri Professor Dept of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University
Edward Hurme Postdoc University of Konstanz dissertation
Philip Johns Assoc. Professor Yale NUS College
Sue Davidson Sr. Vice President R/GA, New York, NY
Marion Kotrba Curator of Diptera Museum of Zoology, Munich
Pat Lorch Research Manager Cleveland Metroparks
Bea Mao Postdoc National Institute of Health dissertation
Kyle Miller-Hesed Professor Hesston College dissertation
Jason Munshi-South Professor Department of Biological Sciences, Fordham University
Kim Paczolt Senior Lecturer Dept. of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park
Tami Panhuis Assoc. Professor & Chair Department of Zoology, Ohio Wesleyan University
Traci Porter Assoc. Professor & Chair Dept of Biology, Salem College
Daven Presgraves Professor Dept of Biology, University of Rochester
Paul Reillo Director Tropical Conservation Institute, Florida International University
Josie Reinhardt Assoc. Professor Dept of Biology, SUNY Geneseo
Emily Rose Development Officer Medical Center, University of California, Los Angeles dissertation
Julie Samy

Suzy Steele Research Scientist Dept of Conservation and Science, Dallas Zoo
Isabel Sullivan

John Swallow Professor & Assoc Dean Dept of Integrative Biology, University of Colorado, Denver
LaReesa Wolfenbarger Professor & Chair Dept of Biology, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Tim Wright Professor Dept of Biology, New Mexico State University
Genni Wright


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