Selected Links for Arabidopsis Researchers

TAIR The ArabidopsisInformation Resource (TAIR) has links to people, clones, map information, sequence data, news and much more!   Most everything on this page is also listed under TAIR's external links.
ABRC   ArabidopsisBiological Resource Center (Stocks)
TIGR db   The TIGR Arabidopsis thalianaDatabase. (Brassica oleracea)
arab-gen/bionet.genome.arabidopsis   The Arabidopsisnewsgroup
NASC, the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Center  
Plant Ontology, The Plant Ontoloty Consortium provides consistent controlled vocabulary for botanical terms.
AtGDB, Arabidopsis pages at the Plant Genome Database
ASIP, Alternative Splciing in Plants
DATF, Database of Arabidopsis transcription factors, at CBI
Bioinformatics Links. General links for Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology. 

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