ATRIUM Monthly Meeting Schedule

The monthly group meeting is held on Friday from 3:30-5:00 PM in the Bioscience Research Building seminar room.   The schedule is shown below. Meetings are not regular, but occur approximately once each month.

Usually each lab presents a 30 minute talk on their research; two labs present.

One of the two presenting labs (with *) is responsible for providing food and drinks for the meeting.   



Sep. 18 1103 BRB
Xiao* and Liu

Wenming Wang or Bob Berkey from the Xiao lab:
"Specific targeting of Arabidopsis RPW8 family proteins to the host pathogen interface"

Paja Sijacic from the Liu lab:
"TSO1 coordinates cell proliferation and differentiation in Arabidopsis flower development".

Dec. 4  1103 BRB
Sze* and Zhu

Jan. 22  1103 BRB
Ullah* and Kwak

Feb. 6 - ASPB winter meeting

March 5  1103 BRB
Lu* and Chang

March 26 - ASPB spring meeting

May 28  1103 BRB
del Campillo* and Sriram

June 18  1103 BRB
Zhu* and Liu

Sept. 17  1103 BRB
Culver* and Cunningham