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June 2021
Quantum computing. Equipment on an anti-vibration table in the foreground with a young man looking over it out of focus in the background.
Leading the Race to Quantum
Washington Business Journal showcases how UMD is leading the region in quantum innovation. More »
Two autonomous vehicles, a drone and a small vehicle. A triple galaxy merger. Image credit: VLT/MUSE R-V-B composite image.
UMD, UMBC, Army Research Lab Announce $68M Cooperative Agreement to Accelerate AI, Autonomy

Computer Science's Dinesh Manocha is co-lead researcher on the agreement, which aims to reduce workload and risks on the battlefield and aid in search and rescue. More »
Triple Galaxy Merger Sends Mixed Signals

Astronomy's Jonathan Williams and Richard Mushotzky find three merging galaxies that offer insights into black hole mergers and galaxy formation. More »
Aya Soffer Lee Mendelowitz, courtesy of same
Harnessing the Power of AI, One Project at a Time

Aya Soffer’s (M.S. '92, Ph.D. '95, computer science) more than 20 years at IBM have been a game-changing success. More »
Runs, Hits and Applied Mathematics

Lee Mendelowitz (M.S. '12, Ph.D. '15, AMSC) crunches the numbers for the Washington Nationals. More »
Photo illustration of University Medalist Sherry Fan (center) and 4 finalists, all Biological Sciences majors | Strategic Communications A smartwatch showing cicadas singing at 87dB

Five Biological Sciences Majors Receive University Medal Honors

Sherry Fan was named University Medalist, and Jackson Devadas, Meron Haile, Kyeisha Laurence and Veeraj Shah were University Medal Finalists. More »

Entomology's Paula Shrewsbury and Daniel Gruner Discuss the Science of Cicada Sounds in The Washington Post

The bugs have reached 90 decibels—as loud as gas-powered lawn mowers. More »
Professor Michael Brown by Lisa Helfert Our first Science Academy graduates!

Geology's Michael Brown Talks Plate Tectonics in Axios

Scientists zero in on when and how Earth’s plates started to move.
More »

"It Led to My Dream Job"

First machine learning and data science professional master’s students graduate from college’s Science Academy. More »

Cover of Odyssey Magazine

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Dean Amitabh Varshney (in red robes) at a surprise popup graduation for a CMNS student and his family A still from the CMNS Commencement video showing a photo motage and the words SCIENCE TERPS Testudo on stage at the May 20121 University of Maryland Commencement ceremony

Dean Amitabh Varshney Surprises Graduates at Their Homes

CMNS Commencement Celebration Video

Campuswide Commencement Video

By Wed.
Jun 30

Science Academy

Apply by June 30 for our professional master’s programs in machine learning or data science. Evening classes and no GRE required. More »

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