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JuLY 2021
Stylized image of Jeffrey Williams
Biology’s William Jeffery Named 2021 Distinguished University Professor
Distinguished University Professor is the university's highest academic honor. More »
James Farquhar Fawzi Emad
Geology's James Farquhar Named Department Chair

The Distinguished University Professor will chair the department for the next five years. More »
Computer Science's Fawzi Emad Receives Provost’s Excellence Award for Professional-Track Faculty

The award recognizes his teaching contributions. More »
Alicia Kollár The RCW 49 galactic nebula. Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech/E. Chirchwell
Physics' Alicia Kollár Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award

Kollár will develop a new window into the physics of particles interacting inside of materials and perform educational outreach. More »
Astronomy's Maitraiyee Tiwari Describes Boiling Cauldron Where Stars Are Born

Tiwari's research contradicts previous assumptions about this star nursery. More »
A cutaway illustration of Mercury showing its iron core. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space FLight Center The shed exoskeleton of a cicada. Credit: John T. Consoli-UMD.
Geology's William McDonough Finds New Explanation for Mercury’s Big Iron Core

McDonough’s research points to the planet’s proximity to the sun's magnetic field. More »
A Cicada Postmortem with Entomology's Mike Raupp: What We’re Learning from Brood X

Giant insects provided new perspective on climate change and more. More »
Microscopy image of a gene for expressing a red fluorescent protein. Credit: Antony Jose-UMD. Eric Krokos, seen from above, working at a computer. Credit: John T. Consoli-UMD.
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics' Antony Jose Finds the Right Combination of Parents Can Turn a Gene Off Indefinitely

Jose's research may unravel the mystery of how experiences can cause inheritable changes to an animal's biology. More »
Computer Science's Amitabh Varshney and Alumnus Eric Krokos Record Brain Waves to Measure "Cybersickness"

The first-of-its-kind study aims to better understand and work toward solutions to prevent this virtual reality-induced discomfort. More »
An illustration of two young tyrranosaurs. Credit: Zubin Eric Dutta. Polar stratospheric clouds in Kiruna, Sweden. Credit: Ross Salawitch-UMD
Geology's Thomas Holtz Shows When Tyrannosaurs Dominated, Medium-sized Predators Disappeared

Holtz verified previous anecdotal reports of a dramatic drop-off in diversity of medium-sized predator species and shows how juvenile tyrannosaurs filled the niche. More »
Atmospheric & Oceanic Science's Ross Salawitch Warns of Increasing Arctic Ozone Depletion Due to Climate Change

Salawitch found that increasing extreme-low atmospheric temperatures over the Arctic associated with global warming are leading to ozone depletion. More »

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